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Hope Beyond Hope works to create a cohesive strategy that helps all people. Its different strategies help different segments of the population.

Please click each to view each prescription for reform:

  1. Universal Process

    This concept promises to design and implement a universal PAP application and audit

    form, with a web-based, cloud-based infrastructure that will remove impediments and greatly improve efficiency of PAP. The applications will be received and processed at a national clearinghouse that will simplify and streamline processes for clinicians, clinics and hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. This innovation will also increase access for patients, deliver more efficient care, lead to better health of individuals, and lower health care costs for hospitals and governments. To see more detail about the components of the Universal Process, click on the links below:

              • Application and Audit Form for Patient Assistance Programs
              • National Enrollment/Eligibility Clearing House

  2. Pharmacy Home
    The Pharmacy Home will: create a pharmacy benefit manager for the underserved, devise and intelligent more
  3. Health Management Collaborative for the Indigent (HMCi)
    Our goal is to form an organization similar to an HMO that we have termed a health management collaborative (HMC)…read more
  4. Reclamation of Reservoirs of Usable Medication
    An obscene amount of usable medication is wasted in our society from various more
  5. Specific Production of Medication Designated for the Indigent
    Might pharmaceutical companies be incentivized to make medications targeted at specific diseases, or populations…read more
  6. Legislative Solutions
    Hope Beyond Hope helped to craft a Good Samaritan more
  7. Medication Cost Transparency Engine (MCTE)
    Medication Cost Transparency Engine (MCTE) is a software application that will enable patients and providers to "see" more